Build with Confidence:

Anvil’s App Server is Open Source

Anvil makes it easy to build web apps with nothing but Python. And once you’ve built an app, you can deploy it with one click.

But what if you need to deploy it outside the cloud? Good news: The runtime engine that powers Anvil’s app hosting is open source. This means you can export your app from the Anvil Editor, and use it anywhere!

I build software for TV stations. When you’re on air, the show must go on – internet or no internet!

With the open-source App Server, I can build applications that don’t depend on an internet connection – which is great, because Anvil is the fastest tool I’ve ever encountered for development.

Michael Lavers


You can always export your code.

The Anvil App Server is a standalone, open-source server that can host an Anvil app on any computer – from a beefy server to a Raspberry Pi.

This means you can always export your code and host it yourself!

Anvil’s deployment options

Let’s recap: What are the ways to build and deploy an Anvil app?

  • Build and deploy your apps in Anvil’s cloud – This is by far the easiest way to build a web app. Use our online IDE to build your app – then click one button, and it’s live on the web!

  • Build and deploy your apps on your company’s private servers – If you want the full Anvil experience, with an integrated editor and one-click deployment, but you need it on your company’s private network, check out Anvil Enterprise.

  • Build in the cloud, host your apps locally – You can build your apps with the Anvil Editor, then clone them with Git and host them on any computer in the world with the Anvil App Server.

  • Build an app from scratch with a text editor – There’s nothing stopping you! You’ll miss out on our drag-and-drop designer and code completion, but there’s nothing you can’t do. Check out the documentation in our GitHub repository.

The power is yours.

Because Anvil’s runtime engine is open source, you can choose where, when and how to deploy it. It’s all the ease of a hosted solution, with all the power of an open-source framework.

What will you build?