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Changing the Look and Feel

You can update the look and feel of the Anvil Editor from the My Account tab in the top right corner of the page.

The My Account button in the top right of the Anvil Editor page circled in orange

Click the My Account button to access the Look & Feel settings

Light and Dark Themes

From the Look & Feel tab, you can switch the Editor into Dark theme or back to Light theme.

The My Account dialog open with the Dark theme selected

UI Scale

The UI Scale dropdown allows you to adjust the zoom of the Editor UI, without affecting the app you’re editing. The default is medium.

Auto Import Services

The Auto Import Services option will default to “Yes”. This means that when you add a service that requires package imports (such as the Email Service or Google Service), the relevant import statements will automatically be added to the top of your server modules.

You can toggle this option to “No” so that the import statements are not added automatically. If added, the import statements will still be removed when the service is removed.

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