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Built-in Integrations

You can connect your app with services from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Stripe and Tableau as easily as doing anything else in Anvil.

Here’s an overview of what’s available.


  • Authentication - Log users in with their Google accounts
  • Drive - Read and write files from your own Google Drive, and the Google Drives of your users (with permission)
  • Google Sheets - Anvil has a Python API for accessing worksheets, fields, rows and cells in Google Sheets
  • Gmail - You can send email with your Gmail account (although consider the Anvil Email Service)
  • Google REST APIs - You can easily get and refresh an access token to use with Google’s many REST APIs. Then you can use anvil.http.request to make requests against the APIs.



SAML Authentication


Tableau with Anvil X

You can use Anvil X to create Tableau Extensions for your Tableau dashboards.

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