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anvil.files Module



Context manager for editing data files.

Instance Methods

__enter__() → string

Begin editing the file.


End editing the file, uploading its new contents.


Create a new ‘Files’ object



Instance Methods

__getitem__() → string

Return the path of a file

editing(path) → anvil.files.EditingContextManager instance

Edit a file. To ensure the proper acquisition and release of the file, use the editing`` function in a withstatement e.g.with data_files.editing(’test.txt’) as file:`

    open(path, [mode="r"]) → anvil.files.OpenContextManager instance

    The open() function opens the file (if possible) and returns the corresponding file object.


      Context manager for opening data files.

      Instance Methods

      __enter__() → File object

      Open the file.


      Close the file, uploading its contents if it was opened for writing or appending.



      Access Data Files from the Data Files Service. To access a file stored in the Data Files Service use square brackets containing the path of the desired file - data_files['<file_path>'].

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